Department of Toxicogenomics

DGJ Jennen PhD
event_seat Assistant Professor

Molecular genetics & toxicogenomics

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Dr. Danyel Jennen
is Assistant Professor in the field of toxicoinformatics at the UM Department of Toxicogenomics and he heads its core unit on toxicoinformatics. His current research focuses on the development of complex bioinformatics models using a systems biology/toxicology approach and on constructing functional networks based on integrating multi-omics and phenotypic data. He is experienced with different tools used for data-analysis of microarray results and the integration of these data with other omics (ArrayTrack, GenePattern, MetaCore, PathVisio, DTNI, BNfinder, iClusterPlus). Within various multicenter (inter)national projects (from the Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre, the EU FP6 & 7 Integrated Projects, carcinoGENOMICS and diXa, and EU Horizon 2020 Project EU-ToxRisk) he is involved in the bioinformatics work on toxicogenomics in cancer hazard and (hepato)toxicity assessment. He recently coordinated the DECO2 project (Cefic-LRI AIMT4) on the use of non-animal data to supplement and strengthen read-across, commissioned by CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council. Currently, he is work package leader in the EU Horizon 2020 Project OpenRiskNet and involved in the integrated data analyses of the Horizon 2020 IMI2 Project transQST.

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