ITFoM Final proposal

For many years there have been discussions about how health systems across Europe must change. With a lack of progress in treating the majority of complex diseases, major issues in drug toxicity and side effects, an ageing population and seemingly unsustainable costs, much of the discussion has focused on the necessity for change in healthcare systems to prevent their collapse. To drive this change it has become clear that the future of European healthcare depends upon major breakthroughs in science and technology. IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM) is a project that will generate these breakthroughs. ITFoM will show that it is possible to streamline the delivery of medicines, improve patient outcomes and afford the patient greater control over and insight into their own health. It is, in fact, possible to do so without having to rely on more medical personnel and increasing health budgets. We must move away from one-size-fits-all and organise medicine and medical technologies so as to ensure that patients are always at the centre.

Please download the final proposal here

Wach a introductory movie here.

Posted on Jul 16, 2012