Post Graduate Course Toxicogenomics

Maastricht University, February 23-27, 2015

Aim of the course

In this course, an introduction will be provided on genomics technologies, i.e. gene expression profiling by microarray technologies, focussing on its application in toxicology.

Content of the course

During this course, participants will be familiarized with the theoretical and practical background of toxicogenomics. Through lectures in the mornings, knowledge will be provided about the basic principles of gene expression profiling by DNA microarrays, its technologies, the main approaches for statistical analyses and visualisation of microarray data, and its application in toxicology. In the afternoon, practical experience with the main data analyses approaches and applications will be provided by computer trainings and a discussion group meeting.

List of subjects

Basic principles of genomics

  • Methods for gene expression profiling (one and two-colour arrays);
  • Image analysis, quality control and data pre-processing;
  • Data analysis: statistical approaches and visualisations;
  • Data mining to understand biology;
  • Other technologies: proteomics and metabolomics;
  • Future technologies: epigenomics and next generation sequencing.

Applied toxicogenomics

  • Unravelling toxic mechanisms;
  • Biomarkers for toxic effects;
  • Predictive toxicology;
  • Regulatory aspects.

Practical trainings

  • Image analysis of one- and two-dye arrays (feature extraction, quality control and diagnosis);
  • Data analysis to identify differentially expressed genes and to classify toxicants by gene expression profiles (including clustering approaches and visualisations);
  • Identification of affected pathways and processes;
  • Design your own microarray experiment.


Prof.dr. J.C. Kleinjans (Maastricht University, coordinator)
Dr. R. Stierum (TNO), Dr. M. Luijten (RIVM) and Dr. H. Vrieling (LUMC)

Duration: 1 week
ECTS credits: 1.5
Number of participants: 10-30
Period: February, once every 2 years, for exact dates consult the current programme schedule
Fee: see tuition fees (includes reduced fees for PhD students)
Location: Dept. of Toxicogenomics, Maastricht University, Maastricht

For registration please proceed to the PET application form and for questions please contact the PET Office

Posted on Jan 27, 2015