Theo de Kok appointed as Professor Population based Toxicogenomics

February 2015 - Department of Toxicogenomics

In general, his research activities focus on environment-gene interactions with respect to the process of cancer development and prevention, using genomics approaches. Major research interests and projects:

  • Modulation of colorectal cancer risk by meat consumption; EU 7thframework project PHYTOME: Phytochemicals to reduce nitrite in meat products; ;
  • Individualized exposure assessment and omic profiling for life-course epidemiology in Europe (EU 7th framework project EXPOSOMICS;
  • SYStems biology approach TOwards targeted Personalized Prevention of chronic diseases in the ‘obese system’ SYSTOPP. These studies use systems biology approaches to establish (integrated) genomics biomarkers which are predictive of disease development or indicative for specific exposures. This research theme is linked to the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology (MaCSBio:
  • Evaluation of drug safety and prediction of drug induced liver injury (DILI).

Posted on Mar 05, 2015