EU FP7 - PHYTOME Phytochemicals to reduce nitrite in meat products


Phytochemicals to reduce nitrite in meat products aims to develop new meat processing technologies, resulting in innovative meat products that have low or no nitrite. This will be achieved by introducing carefully selected mixtures of biologically active compounds originating from natural plant extracts. These active compounds, referred to as phytochemicals, are found in a wide range of vegetables and fruits and that are known to have beneficial health effects. They also possess antimicrobial activity and may therefore contribute to microbiological safety of the product. The health impact of these newly developed low nitrite containing meat products will be evaluated using genomics markers in a human dietary intervention study. Gene expression profiles and epigenetics changes will be related to markers of exposure to potentially carcinogenic substances and markers of carcinogenic risk.

Associated Staff

Prof Theo MCM de Kok PhD

Prof. Theo de Kok graduated in 1988 as biologist at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with Microbiology and Toxicology as majors. more ...

René JHM Reijnders Drs
former staff

Rene Reijnders graduated in Health Sciences in 1992 at the Maastricht University (The Netherlands). After that he joined the Department of Epidemiolog more ...

Simone GJ van Breda PhD
Assistant Professor

Simone van Breda studied Environmental Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Maastricht University, where she graduated in 2000. In 200 more ...

Rob AJ Schlooz BSc
Project Manager

Rob Schlooz graduated in Business Economics in 2001 at the Hogeschool Zuyd. He has worked for a year at the administrative department of a hotel in Ma more ...