Héloïse Proquin MSc
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Héloïse Proquin was born in France on September 7th 1988. In 2006 she started her studies to become a private laboratory technician in biology and biochemistry in Laval, France which she graduated in 2008. Then, she went to the University of Nantes to finish her Bachelor. In 2010, she graduated in Biology, biochemisry and molecular biology. After moving to the Netherlands, she did a Master in Toxicology and Environmental Health at the University of Utrecht and graduated in 2013.


In March 2014, she started her PhD in the department of toxicogenomics on the project “Effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on coleorectal carcinogenesis”. This project  is aimed to research into the possibly adverse effects of nanomaterials in food, in particular the possible facilitation of colon cancer though immunotoxic effects. The project will be carried out on the investigation (immunotoxic) effects of the nanomaterials with in vitro methods using intestinal epithelial cells, in a laboratory animal model of colon cancer, and in a human volunteer study. As read out of effects, a focus will be on gene expression profiles in order to link the different experimental conditions and gain mechanistic information that can eventually be used for risk assessment.