Marcel HM van Herwijnen BSc
event_seat Technician

Genetic Toxicology

phone +31-43-3881968
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Marcel van Herwijnen studied common-microbiology at the technical school in Eindhoven. This study consists off different aspects such as microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, enzyme-kinetics and cell culturing. After his graduation in 1992 he started to work at the department of Health Risk Analysis and Toxicology. Techniques which are applied during his research activities at this group are cell-culturing, HPLC, immunocytochemy, western-blotting, FACS-analysis and microscopy. Also DNA/RNA and protein isolations from tissues, cell-lines etc. belong to his occupation. At his department he is also the expert for working with carcinogenic substances, certified to work with radioactivity (level 5B), certified to perform veina punctures and first aid. Furthermore he is involved as a social worker inside the University of Maastricht.

The last 3 years at his department his main focus was array technology and therefore he is an expert in Agilent and Affymetrix array technology. At his department he learns new people how to work with these array-technologies on the lab. Also improvement off the used protocols and coordinating the use off the very expensive arrays belongs to his tasks. For running these arrays, RNA-isolation (also miRNA) and quality check off RNA from different kind of tissues, blood and cell-cultures is necessary and belongs also to his occupation.

Besides his work he is interested in sport (cycling, running, squash and speed skating). In his residence he is an active member at the school off his children in a residents association and therefore involved in organizing all kind off activities on this school in behalve off the children. Beside this he is also a soccer trainer off a local youth team.

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