René JHM Reijnders Drs
event_seat Project Manager

Health Sciences, Research Project Management

phone +31-43-3881147
account_balance UNS40 K5.573

Rene Reijnders graduated in Health Sciences in 1992 at the Maastricht University (The Netherlands). After that he joined the Department of Epidemiology at the Maastricht University until 1996. Thereafter he worked as researcher at the IPSER Institute where he was involved in EU projects in the reaerch area “Dementia and Health Care systems”. He had several management positions within the Dutch Health Care system.
Since March 2006 he is involved as Project manager in several European Research projects (NewGeneris, CarcinoGenomics, diXa, PHYTOME and HeCaToS) and several national research projects of which the NTC Businessplan is the largest. His main role is to manage the project secretariat for all research projects and to see that all guidelines are followed and all possible risks in these projects are minimized. He is the intermediate between the daily management of these projects, the European Commission and other public and/or private partners.

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