Julian Krauskopf MSc
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Julian Krauskopf was born on 14th of May 1984 in Giessen, Germany. He studied bioinformatics at the University of Frankfurt am Main and the University of Applied Sciences Giessen and graduated in May 2012. His thesis he performed at the Microarray Department of the University of Amsterdam where he developed a microarray based approach to enrich oncogenes for cost-effective (re-)sequencing. In April 2012 he started working as a research assistant at the cluster Applied Bioinformatics of the unit Plant Research International at Wageningen University and Research centre where he was involved in several next-generation sequencing based projects. In February 2013 Julian started as a PhD student at the Department of Toxicogenomics at Maastricht University. Here he will work on the discovery of novel, omics-based, biomarkers of environmental exposure or risk of health effects.

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